First a personal note: I’ve had sort of a tough couple of months. June was super-busy with travel, then my family got Covid at the end of June (thanks to the travel), which hit my wife and me relatively hard. During all this I began a project on Colorado politics that has taken…
Ayn Rand thought that abortion should be legal at least early in the term, when almost all abortions occur. Her views on late-term abortion changed…
Notes on the FDA, university diversity, abortion, Rand on abortion, and more.
Notes on transmissions, manufactured homes, suicide, vaccines, abortion, and more.
Dave Kopel on Guns and TyrannyListen now (66 min) | Dave Kopel is research director of the Independence Institute in Colorado and a leading attorney on Second Amendment issues. He is…
Reason supports a free and prosperous future, while, contra Tyler Cowen, faith undermines it.
In my last article here, “A Swiss Cheese Approach to Curbing Gun Violence,” I listed my main proposals for addressing gun-related violence. Here I…
Anyone who follows the news is aware that many American families are going through hell, having lost a loved one to a murderer with a gun. Yet again, we…
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