Also: Learning from enemies, Brittany's Marathon, Avatar whales, and more.

January 2023

Ian Silverii on Progressive Aims and TacticsListen now (124 min) | Ian Silverii is the former leader of Progress Now Colorado, founder of the political Bighorn Company, and '“First Gentleman of…
I enjoyed the second Avatar film, as I did the first. They’re the only films I’ve found worth watching in 3D, and they’re gorgeous. Although the new…
Objectivity, French on free speech online, Rand on capitalism, and more.

December 2022

If you’re not acquainted with Aleksandr (Alexander) Dugin, read Robert Zubrin’s review of the man’s ideas. Following are a few selections: Dugin is the…

October 2022

Notes on birth month, Avatar, Mike Rowe, the Constitution, the distant future, and more. . .

September 2022

Notes on the Iranian protests, progress, Marx for cats, and more.

August 2022

Notes on college loan cancellation, Covid damage, minimum wages, and more.
First a personal note: I’ve had sort of a tough couple of months. June was super-busy with travel, then my family got Covid at the end of June (thanks…

July 2022

Ayn Rand thought that abortion should be legal at least early in the term, when almost all abortions occur. Her views on late-term abortion changed…

June 2022

Notes on the FDA, university diversity, abortion, Rand on abortion, and more.
Notes on transmissions, manufactured homes, suicide, vaccines, abortion, and more.