Thailand Cave Rescue: Two Amazing Films

First a personal note: I’ve had sort of a tough couple of months. June was super-busy with travel, then my family got Covid at the end of June (thanks to the travel), which hit my wife and me relatively hard. During all this I began a project on Colorado politics that has taken me much longer to wrap up than I originally anticipated (more details soon). Then, just when I thought I was ready to get back to regular weight lifting after Covid, I tripped on a curb last night and landed hard on a big rock. Hopefully I just have bruising and spraining; I may go in for a scan to see if there’s worse damage. It could have been worse—I could have absorbed the fall with my face rather than with my ribs, forearm, and shoulder. All of this is not to complain—by global and historical standards I live a blessed life—but to indicate why I’ve been relatively quiet lately. (I’ve remained active

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